Usually associated with feminine characteristics, the color is never out of fashion

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink”. The affirmation from the classic movie “Mean Girls” (2004) is still followed by many women around the world. Pink is one of the most loved colors in every girls’ wardrobe and is always on-trend. Therefore, you can find amazing pink items in any clothing store, including your favorite ones.

The color pink goes well in casual outfits, beachwear, formal wear and party looks. It perfectly combines with warmer days, but can also be used in cold looks to make any comfy combination more stylish. There is no shortage of reasons to bet on pink items in your closet, right?

To create stylish and unforgettable combinations in pink, check out some tips to match the garments. They can be applied to your style, regardless of which is it: romantic, classic, street, elegant, casual or any other. From monochrome and cool combinations to classic and neutral outfits, there are many possibilities to wear pink — on Wednesdays or any other day of the week.


Monochrome looks have been an absolute success in the last years, with bold and memorable compositions. Neutral colors, such as black, white, navy-blue and beige are more common, but it is also possible to make incredible pink monochrome outfits. From the head to the toes, the color values femininity and brings personality to any look.

To make all-pink outfits, you can choose a unique garment, like a strawberry dress or an overall; garments in the same tone, like a bubblegum t-shirt and skirt; or in similar tones, in analogous shades of pink, such as a light pink top and a hot pink pantaloon. On the feet, remember to wear pink shoes too, to complement the monochrome proposal, or nude shoes, a more discreet option.

With analogous colors

This category of colors can be defined as a group of colors, usually two or three, that are side by side on the chromatic circle, a simplified representation of the colors seen by the human eye. It has 12 colors, three primaries, three secondaries and six tertiaries. As examples of combinations in analogous colors, there are the sequences yellow-green-blue and red-purple-blue.

Therefore, to create looks with pink and analogous colors, you can bet on combinations like pink and red, pink and purple or the three ones, red, pink and purple. Pay attention to the depth of the colors — if they are light or dark — and to their temperature — warm or cold. Harmonic outfits match analogous colors in the same depth and temperature.

With complementary colors

In the same chromatic circle mentioned in the previous topic, the complementary colors are those that appear diametrically opposed to the selected one. In this case, the complementary color of pink is green. Therefore, one way to make great looks with pink is betting on the combination with green.

How about a pink watermelon dress and a green serge jacket? Or a green t-shirt with a pink skirt? The super cool and fresh combinations are great for sunny afternoons. If you need a formal look at the work, a pink blazer with green tailoring pants is a perfect choice.

With neutrals

Last, but not least, any pink garment goes well with neutral clothes. Jeans, white, black, caramel, gray and beige are some great options to match with several shades of pink. A hot pink t-shirt with white wide-leg pants; a black top with a pink midi skirt; a rose blouse with light mom jeans; a pink dress with a gray blazer… possibilities are many. Work the creativity and turn pink into a key color in your closet!

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